Limited Supply of FREE Laptops STILL AVAILABLE!

At this moment in time, we have confirmed that various companies are holding onto a limited supply of absolutely FREE laptops. These FREE laptops are being sent out to anyone who claims one!

I'm already in the process of claiming a $2000 FREE laptop for myself! Read on to find out how you can get yourself one too.

How to get a FREE laptop

My goal is to make this as easy as possible to complete, so I have laid out the entire process of getting a FREE laptop into 3 easy to follow steps.

Click one of the following links and participate in the program requirements to claim your Free Laptop.

What kind of FREE laptop do you want? Acer, Sony, Apple(Macbook)? It is up to you!

U.S Visitors:

Click Here To Claim Your Laptop

Canadians/International: Click Here to Claim your Free Gift

- U.S Visitors must first enter their e-mail or zip on the next page to start.

- Once you have your FREE laptop picked out click on the continue button.

- Choose your country and enter a valid e-mail address as well as a password of your choice. (NOT YOUR E-MAIL PASSWORD) - click the sign up now! button.

- Fill in all of the information required. DO NOT use fake information here, they will never give out your information to anyone but they do need it so they know where to send the FREE laptop.

- Once again click the sign up now! button.

- At this point your account with a company of your choice should be made. (You may only sign up once to each site and you may not sign up multiple people from the same computer).

Step 1 Complete!

Gain ONE credit by completing Trial offers.

This is the step most people do not understand. I recommend checking out my freebie info site, to understand why you have to complete an offer.

When you have made your account, click the "My status" button and it will bring you to a new page with a button "complete offer" Click that button and you will be brought to a big list of various offers. They range from 1% credit all the way to 100% of a credit. You must complete 1 or more offers to reach 100% credit to be eligible for your FREE laptop.

The companies make it very easy to follow and you should have no trouble completing this step.

- At this point you should have your offer requirement completed

Step 2 Complete

Simply spread the word! - Get your friends to do exactly what you just did.

With your offer requirement completed, simply refer as many friends as needed for the FREE laptop you chose. Your referral link will be located on the "My Status" page. Let your friends use that link to sign up and you will get credit every time you sign-up a new person and they complete an offer.

Getting referrals

There are many EASY ways to gather the referrals needed to get your FREE laptop. Here are a few suggestions I have.

- Get your friends and family to sign up under you. Depending on how large your family is, this could take care your requirements completely.

- Advertise on the internet. (NOT spamming) - Try letting people know about this amazing offer via forums or ezines or anything you can think of. As long as you are not spamming your referral link you should be okay.

If the above suggestions don't work, you could always try offering an incentive to your friends or anyone else you know. (Cash, Food, Beer?) It is up to you.

Step 3 Complete

Ending notes...

If you have followed all the steps above, then CONGRATULATIONS! Before you know it you'll be using a brand new FREE laptop.

In case you didn't notice, these FREE laptops retail for over $2000 at a regular store, so make sure you show it off proudly and tell everyone you got it FREE. I guarantee you'll be swamped with people wanting to know how you did it. Guess What? You can repeat the site again and again without completing another offer for yourself! That means when you are showing off your FREE laptop, you can get even more people to join you and get even more cool stuff!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will respond asap.